Balkan Wellness Club – Starts August 22nd, 2023 1030am-1130am

What is a wellness club:  a variety of things that will make your life perhaps more fulfilling and enriched.  It is what you make it and it can only happen with participation from you.  All are invited to join:  Young, old, men, women and children.

The club has been initiated by Deb Versteeg with the assistance of Misty Hendrickson and Cheryl Killien. And as always, we’re looking for others to come forward and share their knowledge and skills.

The organizers are looking at several things that may be of interest to others.  Which includes: exercise, healthy snacks, updates of cyber issues, overall wellness talks, crafts, open sessions to discuss what is on your mind, healthy meals, YUKA application to eat and buy healthier foods, ethnic food demonstrations (not necessarily healthy but delicious) teach us about different foods and/or comfort foods we need in the midst of our winters.  Programs can be numerous with the support from community members to share their talents.  Please contact Deb Versteeg at 218-966-2867 and/or Misty Hendrickson at 218-254-3967 or email with your interest in leading a class and/or wellness/ethnic food program.

Initial start date is Tuesday, August 22nd.  The plan is to meet twice weekly, Tuesday and Thursday 10:30- 11:30 but is subject to change depending on class participants.  We will start with an exercise class where anyone can participate.  It is Tai Ji Quan which will improve balance, muscle strength, flexibility, and mobility through slow coordinated movements.  You can do this standing, sitting, or using a chair for balance.  There will be no floor exercises so you will not have to worry about getting down and up off the floor. 

Goal:  Enriching others in the community by our very own community members through the use of our Community Center.  Please join us even if you are unable to do some of the exercises you can come for the social aspect and take away something to enrich your life.

See you Tuesday, August 22nd at 10:30am.