Mail Box Regulations:


Whenever possible, mail boxes must be located so that the carrier's vehicle is off the pavement when serving mail. (The end of box must not extend into traffic lane).

Rural box number (house address) must be printed on the box in numerals not less than one inch in height. Number should face the direction of the mail server.

Post must be neat and of adequate strength and size.

Approach to the mail box should be a hard level surface (gravel, cinders, or stone).

Boxes must be placed to conform to state laws and highway regulations.

Extend box beyond the end of post. Attach board holding box to post with screws or nails, permitting easy removal if necessary to adjust box height.

Mail box must be 42 to 45 inches above the ground to allow Balkan's snowplow wing to extend under mail box extension.

Balkan Township is not responsible for broken mail boxes during snowplowing season if the existing box was not installed properly.

Two examples of proper mail box placement.